About Us

About Us


Our preschool follows the premise that a high quality child achievement center considers the total child. The social, emotional, physical, and educational goals of our curriculum have been created by professional educators to serve the learning needs of children during their formative years. We feel each child will have the opportunity to grow to his or her own needs and abilities.

Our preschool is operated on a non-discriminatory basis, affording equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, religion, or national ancestry.

The school is licensed for operation by the State of California, Department of Social Services, which sets minimum standards for administrations, personnel, program and equipment. Our preschool meets or exceeds all state requirements. A copy of the State of California Title 22 Manual of Policies and Procedures for the Community Care Licensing Division is available for review in the office and on their web at http://www.dss.cahwnet.gov/ord/PG587.htm

• Children develop knowledge of their world through active interactions with caregivers, peers, materials, and events.
• Learning is sequential, building on prior understandings and experiences.
• Learning proceeds at different rates in each area and each child; children will show a range of skills and understandings in any one area of development.
• Learning in each area is interconnected. Young children learn best through experiences, which incorporate several areas of development.
• Learning is embedded in a culture. Children learn best when their learning activities are rooted in a familiar cultural context.
• Learning begins in the family, continues in early care and education settings, and depends on parent involvement and caregiver guidance.


Photo of Miss Holly

Ms. Holly


As a second generation Magic Hours employee, Ms. Holly began her career as an Early Childhood Education Management expert in 1990. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.

Photo of Miss Ginette

Ms. Ginette


Ms. Ginette joined Magic Hours in 2012. She has over 20 years of experience working with young children and is a long time Mira Mesa resident. She is currently completing her administrative early childhood education course work at National University.

Photo of Miss Zinnia

Ms. Zinnia


Joining Magic Hours in 2008, Ms. Zinnia implements common core curriculum philosophies to our transitional kindergarten program in Room 3. She has several years of experience teaching preschool and pre-kindergarten.

Photo of Miss Chloe

Ms. Chloe


As a student alumni of Magic Hours, Ms. Chloe has been a part of our Magic Hours family from the beginning! Ms. Chloe is a third generation employee of this preschool, with experience and education directed towards meeting the needs of children 12 months to 12 years of age.

Ms. Amber

Credentialed Teacher

Ms. Amber joined Magic Hours in 2003. With a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies and a Master's degree in Literacy, Ms. Amber provides curriculum support to all age groups in our program.

Photo of Miss Atyah

Ms. Atyah


Working with all ages, Ms. Atyah has been a dedicated employee with Magic Hours since joining us after completing her child development course work at Miramar College in 1997!

Photo of Miss Melissa

Ms. Melissa


Joining Magic Hours in 2015, Ms. Melissa team teaches with Ms. Atyah in Room 2. She has several years of experience teaching preschoolers and provides an encouraging and nurturing approach to her teaching philosophy.



Centrally located in Mira Mesa.
Easy access and drop off/pick-up for parents.
Short drive or walk for nearby residents.
Convenient shopping amenities nearby.


3 classrooms for different development levels.
Each room stratigically planned out to allow simultaneous times of productivity, creativity, and rest.


Spacious outdoor playground.
Roughly half of the entire campus.
We incorporate vibrant colors into all of our newer, state-of-the-art equipment to promote fun and safety.